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Airport Board Members

Airport Chair:    Jim Wilcox T.D.

Board Member:  Tim Urness  K.C.

Board Member:  Norm Deo K.C.

Board Member:  Randy Anderson T.D.

Board Member:   Lori Zoller K.C. 

Board Member:  Terry Trapp T.D.

Board Member:  Tim McGlothlin T.D.

Airport management

fireboss 2.jpg

Airport Manger:      Jeff Renard
Aviation Management Services
45 Airport Way / PO Box 285
Dallesport Wa. 98617
509-767-2272  Office
541-288-6766  Cell

FBO Manager: Darren Lacock

2022 Vision and Priority List
January 26, 2022 the airport board met with airport stakeholders to update the long term vision for the airport and prioritize goals. As expected there were some changes due to accomplishments and needs.

1. T Hangar development (In process)
2. Equipment Update
3. Grounds Maintenance (In process)
4. Fencing
5. Funding Sources
6. Fire Base Operations
(Done & in process)

7. Lease Terms  (Done) 
8. Water System at Terminal area
(In process)

9. Fuel Island realignment (In-process)
10. Masterplan Update 2025
11. Management Relationship 
12. Topo Map with Utility Locations
13. Develop conceptual building development map.
( Hangar concept done)

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